• 3 Little Known Secrets of Using Apple Cider Vinegar to Remove Skin Tags
21.10.2016 11:23

It’s no secret that you can use apple cider vinegar to remove skin tags, but there are a few, little known, secrets—or rather, tips—that can make, or break the remedy; they can even speed up the whole process and get you free of skin tags much faster than planned. Want to know what these secrets are? Read on and uncover what they are.


Use the right amount of acv

What? Really? There’s a right amount of acv (apple cider vinegar) you’re supposed to use? You’ve got that right; there is a correct amount you need to be using. A lot of the acv remedy descriptions you run into will say something along the lines of, “add a drop or two of apple cider vinegar”, and that is the problem. Most of those descriptions are wrong because they are telling you to use too little vinegar for this remedy to work. A little skeptical? I'm not the only one that thinks so. holds the same belief and even recommends you soak it up.

It doesn’t matter the how much you use, you’re still going to get burned. But when you only use a drop or two, you get nothing but a burn; and some discomfort, or even pain from the burn. You need to use quite a bit more than just a couple of drops.

In fact, I recommend you dunk the cotton ball straight into the acv. Then just gently squeeze out any excess acv.  You want the whole piece of cotton to be lightly soaked in acv. It should be wet, but no excess acv should be dripping when you hold it up in the air.

When you use too little acv, there isn’t enough to come into contact with the skin tag. Hence there isn’t enough to break down the skin growth. By using enough, you avoid this common problem and make sure there is enough acv to make contact and start breaking down the growth.


Cover it up with duct tape

apple cider vinegar to remove skin tagsThe second secret to making this remedy work is to cover up the acv soaked cotton ball after you apply it. The cheapest and most effective way I’ve found to achieve this is duct tape. Yes, that’s the plain grey duct tape your Dad used to fix almost everything around the house (or was it just my Dad that did that?).

Why use duct tape and not something else? Duct tape is fairly tough; tough enough to withstand the acidic vinegar. It’s also waterproof; which is exactly why we’re using it for this remedy. Duct tape, being water proof, will prevent the apple cider vinegar from drying out during the treatment process. What exactly does this mean? This means the acidic vinegar will be able to break down the skin tag for as long as you leave it on.

If you don’t cover the acv soaked cotton ball with duct tape, it will dry out fairly quickly. This the acv will have very little time to do what it does best; burn and kill the skin tag.

Don’t be shy when you’re covering it up with duct tape. Don’t leave any openings and use a generous amount to cover up the entire treatment area.


Keep it on 24/7

Here’s the last and most important secret if you truly feel you have to resort to it. This is my last resort simply because it can get quite painful and risky. Not only can it result in a pretty bad chemical burn, the pan can be enough to keep you up at night.

However, if a skin tag is just freaking too stubborn and won’t die off with a less extreme treatment, then I will choose to resort to my trump card; leaving the acv on 24/7. I soak the cotton with acv, cover it up with duct tape and just leave it on all the time. I do change it out with a fresh cotton ball and clean duct tape every 12-24 hours though. This is to help avoid infections and to maintain it’s potency.

If this step doesn’t help, then you’re really better off trying something like this product, or just fork up the cash and go see a medical professional and have them remove it.

That’s it for the three little known secrets to using apple cider vinegar to remove skin tags. Yes, they are simple, but they are truly almost unknown to many who attempt this wonderful and effective acv skin tag remedy (effective when done right). Keep them in mind, follow them, and you should get way better results and sometimes, even faster results. Most important of all, if acv doesn't produce results in about 3 weeks, it might not be the right remedy for you. Try something else (like one of the remedies over here) because something else might work way better for you.


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